Saturday, April 2, 2011

Seasonal Sales Trends for Fairfax County

The charts below clearly show seasonal home sales trends in Fairfax County. 

In our area, it is widely thought that spring and summer have the highest months of sales.. but have you ever seen statistical data to back that up?  You asked, and now you receive. 

The chart below (green) shows the number of sales by month in Fairfax County:

June is pretty consistently one of the months with the highest number of sales, and usually May and July are also pretty strong.  But, sellers sometimes fail to recognize that means they must have been on the market for 30-45 days before then... THAT is when the contracts come in.  Our chart below shows the trends for new contracts by month over the last 5 years:

According to this chart, the highest number of new contracts in Fairfax County are recorded in the spring.

2006: March-April-May
2007: January-March-May
2008: April-May-June
2009: April-May
2010: March-April
2011:.... yet to be seen,
but could you be missing the market already?

If you own a home in Fairfax County and are considering selling, I can help... and now is a great time. 

Vicky Chrisner

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