Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Is Your Home Ready For The Market?

I have completed a series of blog posts to help you, Mr and Mrs Seller, get your home ready for the market.  Check out the posts referenced below.  Or, better yet, give me a call and let's meet. 

Part of the service I offer when I list your home is a personal consultation on all of these things!  As you read these posts, I hope you'll see how much analytical study has gone into these words of wisdom.

Painting For the Market - Color & finish choices

Show Me The Space, I'll Show You The Money! Creating visual space

Knick Knack You're Getting Whacked! - Removing the small obstacles

Vignettes that Sell - Highlighting features, selling benefits

Create the "Not So Lived In" Look - Selling the magic house

PRIORITIES, PRIORITIES - Which staging suggestions are most important?

It's Show Time!  (Final touches before a showing)

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If you're really interested in how buyers react to different homes,

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Selling Your Home? 
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 the marketing and selling process! 

Vicky Chrisner

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