Sunday, April 3, 2011

Successful Open Houses - The Series

How do you feel about Open Houses?  No, statistically very few homes are sold at open houses.  I think, however, that is because most agents don't approach them strategically.  I do.  I have sold many homes because of an open house.

I admit that sometimes I am selling the house and the buyers already have an agent... but the point is had they not seen the home with me, I am not sure they would have bought.  Why? Sales skills.  Pure sales.

Here are some tips, step by step, on making sure that Open Houses are successful:

Successful Open Houses Part 1: Location  For some houses, it just doesn't pay to have an open house.

Succesful Open Houses Part 2: Timing   What is the right day and time to do an open house?

Successful Open Houses Part 3: People  Without the right people involved an open house can back fire.

Successful Open Houses Part 4: Promotion  If you're not promoting your open house, what is the point?

Successful Open Houses Part 5: Beyond Promotion  If you are lucky enough to get buyers through the door, make sure you do everything you can to close the sale.

Open Houses are only one component of a successful marketing campaign, but it must be strategic.  Sure, you can throw speghetti at the wall and sometimes it will stick, but if you are purposeful and strategic, the chances of it sticking increase dramatically.

Happy Selling!

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