Sunday, April 3, 2011

Succesful Open Houses - Part 3: People

It's actually sad to believe but many agents don't hold their own open houses - ever.  Sure, sometimes I have conflicts and can't be at two places at once, and therefore need to get someone to pinch hit for me.  But if I can, I always hold my own listings open.

You see, I prefer to show my own listings. No, this concept is not because I potentially stand to gain more commission. This is because I know the property and can and will sell it.

I have had many, many years of professional training on how to sell property. Most real estate agents do not have this experience to draw from. (Did you know that real estate agent training never includes how to sell property, only how to sell themself? But that is another post.)

Whether the buyer has an agent or not, whether the agent is with them or not, I want the opportunity to talk to buyers.

• I learn about them, they about me.
• I know their hot buttons and can demonstrate to them how the home will meet those needs and wants.
• I can learn their objections and overcome them.
• I can show them why YOUR home is the best home compared to the others they are considering.
• Later, if/when they put in an offer, that meeting with the buyers may offer my clients an upper hand in negotiating. But even if not, I can help explain the buyers concerns better to the seller if there is a sticking point, and since I understand both parties' needs from the transaction, I can provide creative solutions. If I am forced to work through another agent, I never know how things are being communicated, and it is a disadvantage to my clients and me.
• Because we met personally, the buyers will have a personal connection to be, and usually to the sellers (through me) and negotiations are more friendly and focused, with less games being played.  This saves me huge amounts in hair dye I don't have to buy!

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