Thursday, March 17, 2011

Knick Knack, You're Getting Wacked!

Continuing our series on preparing your home for the market, (check our the previous post "Show Me the Space, I'll Show You The Money"), we're going to tackle the little things....

Step #2: Kick Knack: You're Getting Wacked!

I touched on this in the prior post but it bears talking about again, and more in depth.  Some people will delicately refer to this stage as "decluttering" and "depersonalizing".  I have seen how some sellers interpret this, so I am taking the delicate out of what I am saying: 

If you love it, if it's very presence is what makes this house feel like home to you,
then it probably needs to be hidden.  
The pictures of the kids, your parents, your college diploma, the letter from the President, pictures and momentos from your world travels... they are all awesome.  But they really need to be put away.  They are telling YOUR story.... they tell us about your life.  Your life is not for sale.  Your house is.  We need to display your house,  not your stuff.

On that note, got collectibles? Knick Knacks?  Check the general "THREE" rules:
  • Anything smaller than 3 inches tall needs to be hidden.  
  • If there are more than 3 of anything in a room then there are too many.

Keep in mind, your idea of "happily ever after" may not be the same as your buyers'.  They are looking for a place where their dreams can unfold....not on picking up where you have left off on your journey. 
Emotionally, these are the hardest things for sellers to do.  But I promise, it makes a difference.  You will get a quicker contract if you're willing to sell your house without your story.
* * *
Our next post is coming soon: Vignettes that Sell!  Stay Tuned.
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