Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Do We Need To Repaint?

“I will be putting my house on the market soon and I’m wondering~
Do we need to repaint the whole house?”
Common question; but the answers vary.


Clearly, if your home is overdue for a paint job, then yes, to get the highest amount possible for your home, you should repaint. Otherwise, I hate to give a blanket response to that.
Many people have highly personalized décor and coordinating wall coverings; but it may not be necessary to undo all that work when you sell.  Having said that, here are some simple guidelines and tips:

A VACANT HOME: If the home is going to be vacant when it is shown and marketed, then it becomes more important to have a fresh paint job, with color selections from a neutral palette so as to appeal to the widest groups of people. [Click here to see repainting guidelines]

WALLPAPER: Because there is a general perception that wallpaper is hard to repair, touch up or remove, it's generally advised that wallpaper be removed, or perhaps painted over before putting the home on the market.  This is particularly important if it is in poor repair, dated, highly personalized or a busy pattern.

PANELING:  The “circa 1970-something” paneling is outdated and an obstacle to selling today.  But did you know you can paint over it? It is far more practical than removing it and hanging drywall, and so that is a common recommendation.
BUYER PROFILING:  Who is the most likely buyer for your home?  What is their age, origin, family composition, gender?  Where do they work and play?  Based on that information, we make staging choices which may require some repainting.  Here is an example:  Women buy for entry ways, kitchens, bathrooms and master bedrooms. Men buy for basements, garages, and storage areas. We try to make sure those areas are appealing to those gender groups. So, for example, a basement family room that looks too feminine (pink paint or flowery wallpaper) may need to be repainted.

The buyer profiling part of these guidelines gets tricky and requires an analytical market study.  This is all part of the services I offer when you hire me to represent you to sell your home.  So, for a personalized opinion, give me a call and let's set up an appointment!

Vicky Chrisner
Keller Williams Realty
Leesburg, VA

(Notes about pics on right:  While the top picture with green walls will not appeal to most people, it isn't likely to interfere with a sale in most submarkets.  The lower picture with the pink bubblegum family room could keep a home from selling.)

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