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Weekly Real Estate Headlines (April 25)

Hello, fans!  Thanks for giving up a few minutes to scan through the real estate news from the week....

Most people know that this week included "Earth Day"; but we'll come back to that.  First, the non-Earth Day related real estate news....

Tick Tock, the deadline for taking advantage of those home buyer tax credits is quickly approaching... if you're looking for home, think strategically: "Snatch The Last Chance At The Tax Credit".

Also, buyers, enjoy this list of Open Houses in Loudoun this weekend (Rain or Shine):

Does the brokerage matter? or just the agent? Check out this post for some food for thought:

So, bank to the 'Earth Day' thing I mentioned earlier.  Why talk about that in a real estate blog?  Well, Earth Day is not about fairs and festivals (even though there are some great ones locally and I encourage you to check them out)... it is actually about (get this) REAL ESTATE.  

Earth Day = Protect the Environment = Protect Our Real Estate

You see, contaminated land has limited uses. Killing off of species of one kind or another in a particular area will impact the local eco system and the local economy... thus impacting real estate values.   Water quality is a huge issue in property values and suitability of land. So, as a REALTOR, this is something I care about a great deal....and I hope that you do, too.

Along that line, I'd like to encourage you to personally 'Take Five'... Join in the EPA initiative 'Take Five' and pledge to take five actions to help protect our environment.  It's easier than you'd think!

And, because (believe it or not) REALTOR Associations are constantly looking out for you, our REALTOR Take Action group wants to tell you about how NAR is protecting the rights of property owners by negotiating changes in the proposed bills for The Clean Energy and Security Act.

Without NAR looking out for you, onerous requirements such as a federal energy audits & energy efficiency labels may have been required on resale properties, the EPA may have been charged with regulating YOUR personal home!  Check out this article for more information

That's some real heavy stuff.. so I want to end on a light note (it is the weekend after all) on:

You may consider all this 'Earth Day'/environmental stuff mumbo jumbo... and I can respect that.   Besides, if we junk up this place, there are always other place to live, right?  Read this post and take a peak at the alternatives to living here, on Earth: "Mother Earth: Today Is Your Day".   

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