Friday, February 19, 2010

You Might Not Need A REALTOR If... Reason #9

You Might NOT Need  A REALTOR IF.... Reason #9
You Ain't Afraid of No Judge

I suppose, to a certain extent, that I am being a bit facetious with this post.  Most people, even many attorneys, will tell you that if they can avoid going into a court room, they will.  Why?  Well, who knows how things will turn out if you go into a court room.  Even if you win, you're likely to still feel like a loser.  The judicial process itself  is exhausting.  But, maybe you don't mind, and if you don't, well then maybe, just maybe, you'll get lucky and your real estate transaction will get derailed and you'll end up there.

There are truly many opportunities for law suits.  Keep in mind that we are talking about VERY BIG DOLLAR transactions, so the financial components exist that if something goes wrong it is financially "worth it" to sue in many cases.  Add to that the emotions involved on both sides...each side relying on the others' promises, written and unwritten.... well, if things go wrong you have the makings of a good drama.  All the ingredients good lawsuits are written about!

And, with real estate, there are many disclosure laws, and they vary depending on the property and seller.  With no real estate agent to advise you, it will be VERY easy for you to fail to disclose something that you should have disclosed, a reason for a law suit sometimes even YEARS after the transaction itself.  Your first court appearance will cost you enough in anxiety and money that you will surely wish you'd had an agent who could have helped you avoid it.....Unless, "You Ain't Afraid of No Judge."


Stay tuned to the REAL ESTATE WHISPERER for the rest of the posts in this series.

In the meantime, if you need honest feedback about whether you should hire a REALTOR to sell your home, and if you're in the Loudoun/Dulles area, feel free to call me. I am happy to talk with you over the phone about some of the pros/cons of hiring a real estate agent.


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