Saturday, April 25, 2009

Virginia Home Owners Alliance

There is an exciting new service provided by REALTORS® specifically for homeowners in Virginia.

While REALTORS® have always represented the interests of their clients as individuals, until now homeowners have never had a voice to represent their interests as a group. Recently launched, the Virginia Homeowners Alliance is that voice. Automobile owners have AAA, and retirees have AARP. Finally, homeowners in Virginia will have the Virginia Homeowners Alliance to represent and serve their interests.

What is the Virginia Homeowners Alliance?

· The Virginia Homeowners Alliance (VHA) is an exciting new service provided by REALTORS® to help homeowners protect their most treasured investment, their home.

· It’s not an organization with boring meetings and a bunch of bureaucracy. It’s an organization comprised of a free, online one-stop-shop ( for improving the value of your home and keeping up with local government decisions that affect your home, your community and your quality of life.

· By joining VHA, you can stay informed of all the latest news relating to real estate taxes, property assessments, new residential and commercial developments, transportation, school construction and a host of other issues affecting your home, family and neighborhood.

What other features can you find on

· Easily contact local government bodies including your City Council, Board of Supervisors, School Board, Planning Commission, and Housing Authority to name a few,

· Lawn care and other valuable home maintenance tips,

· Local school report cards,

· “Kids’ Room” where children and parents can access practice SOL tests and learn more about the Commonwealth of Virginia.

How do you join the Virginia Homeowners Alliance?

· Visit and register as a new member. It’s that easy! And, tell them that Vicky Chrisner sent you! (I am in a little competition with some fellow REALTORS to see who can sign up the most people.)

As a REALTOR®, I am dedicated to looking out for your best interests and to serving as your most trusted advisor when it comes to your real estate investment. I hope you will take advantage of the tremendous benefits offered by the Virginia Homeowners Alliance, stay tuned to my blog, and contact me anytime you'd like to talk about your specific situation. I am hear to help!

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