Tuesday, April 14, 2009

First Time Home Buyers

First time home buyers are starting to learn about the new tax credit of up to $8,000, and it is exciting them! It's evident in the online chats and at the water coolers across the nation. Combining that incentive with the incredible interest rates available today (many are under 5%), and the supply of available homes, it's a combination difficult to resist. Homes are more affordable today than they have been in a very, very long time.

And, first time home buyers are doing more than just chat. Here in Loudoun, they are taking action. In March, approximately 45% of the home purchases in the market were done with FHA and VA loans, most of which are first time home buyers.

Sales activity is up, again, in the region. In a year over year comparison, Loudoun's activity level has exceeded the prior year's activity for 10 straight months.

The result is that in the lower price points, inventory is declining. Buyers are finding that there are far less homes available than they anticipate, and the purchasing process can be very competitive, with contract prices often exceeding the list price.

Once they enter the market, first time home buyers are sometimes surprised at the amount of time it can take to find the right home and then successfully negotiate a deal. Short sales and REOs make for a complicated and turbulent process, and competent representation from a strong knowledgeable real estate consultant is required. With the tax credit set to expire December 1st, home buyers interested in taking advantage of this credit should start talking to real estate professionals and lenders very soon.


Buyers interested in learning more about the local real estate market in Loudoun and the Dulles area can contact me at vchrisner@kw.com.

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