Saturday, August 2, 2008

REOs - Everything you need to know

UPDATE:  Thanks for coming to my blog.  Regardless of how you got here, this series was written in 2008.  The market is ever evolving and hopefully you will find this information outdated.  A better source of CURRENT information about buying an REO can be found by clicking HERE:  REOs in 2010. 

Buying "foreclosures" remains a major consumer focus; so I wanted to outline the series I finished up last month on the process. I broke it into several parts, all of which you'll want to read if you're thinking about jumping into the game! 

As all of these posts are very serious, informative and specific... first, I want to give you a humorous look at what you might encounter.

Yes, when you are planning to buy, it CAN feel like this.  The good news is you are taking good steps which will enable you to get through this: (1) Educate yourself  (2) Get (and keep) a sense of humor (3) Hire an agent that knows what they are doing!

The TRUTH about REOs
Ready to Buy
The Great House Hunt
Making an Offer - PRICE
Making an Offer - FINANCING 
Making an Offer - DEADLINES 
Contract to Close - TITLE COMPANY
Contract to Close - Everything "else"  

I am successfully helping investors, first time home buyers, and those "moving up" find great deals in the market every day. So many of the homes are post foreclosure REOs, and they can be great deals - after all, they SHOULD be if you have to know all of this, AND MORE to buy one! I can help you navigate the murky waters of today's market - please give me a call!  

Update note 5/29/09: Thank you to all that continue to contact me expressing appreciation for this blog. For those of you that would like a copy of the addendum I reference in these posts; please see


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