Friday, August 1, 2008

No Money Down Options - Gone?

Buyers - do you know that "no money down" programs are disappearing?
The most popular of these programs used with FHA is the Seller Funded Down Payment Assistance program. Recent legislation says the program will begin being phased out on October 1st. There is little guidance, and we're not sure when you'll have to close, but you MUST have a ratified offer and FULLY APPROVED LOAN by 10/1 in order to take advantage of this program.
Thinking of buying in Northern Virginia? Follow this link and click on the Home Search Option ( Thinking of buying in another area - contact me for a referral to a great agent in your area, you can email me at If I can help you learn more about taking advantage of this program while it lasts, please call me 703-669-3142.
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