Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Market Stats - May 2012 - Looking Good

I sell homes and land in the Northern Virginia/Dulles region and throughout Loudoun County.... and today I am looking for people who wish to list their homes - like yesterday - and get them sold today. 

Here's why:The May market stats were just released from MRIS our local MLS system. 

In Northern Virginia, compared to last year, Sales Volume is up 10%, and inventory is DOWN 20%... That means I have 10% more people buying than last year, but I have 20% less homes to show them.  Simply put, more demand, less supply. And yes, that is putting upward pressure on pricing in our area. Prices in the region are up almost 7% compared to last year.

Interested in learning more?  I have charts, stats and tons of info... just go to my web site, and check it out.

If you are thinking of selling, this might be a great time.  I am waiting for your call or email.  Let's get together!

Vicky Chrisner
Selling Homes and Land in the Dulles area
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