Monday, May 14, 2012


Even REALTORS have to move sometimes... and the time for me has come!

I am pleased and proud to announce that I have completed my transition from a national franchise brokerage to a local boutique brokerage based in Loudoun County called Fieldstone Real Estate.  

As a result of this change, you'll be seeing some differences in marketing materials but clients who have been working with me for many years can already attest that there has been no change in the service level being received.

I have a great new web site that is being published for the first time later today... You can find it at the same old URL:

Like any good real estate web site, you can search for your new home right there.  Unlike many other real estate sites, this web site is updated hourly with a direct feed from the MLS system... that means when my web site says the house is available, it is!  Imagine that!  No more lost time drooling over listings of homes that are no longer available!  Plus, when new listings come on the market, you'll see them listed here within the hour!  With the market heating up and the best homes often selling within days, you don't have time to be leafing through old listings.  

I'll be adding lots more info to this web site in the coming days, weeks and months and look forward to your feedback.  If there are some real estate resources you'd like to see, email me at

My "New" Contact Info is basically the same - only the logo and email address has changed.  Reach out to me anytime for the real estate info you need.

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