Saturday, June 26, 2010

Real Estate News This Week

"As goes the real estate market, so goes the economy" - this is what economists say, and recent years have truly supported that sentiment.... in fact, if the real estate market in America collapses, so does the whole US economy...and then the global economy. 

So, no matter whether you're a property owner, buyer, seller, renter, investor, if you have stocks, a 401K or IRA or simply have a job-or want one... it makes sense for you to stay in tune with the major headlines impacting our real estate market.  Here's a quick glimpse of this week's headlines:

The Washington Post reported this week that mortgage rates officially hit their lowest point EVER, with the 30 year fixed offering rates as low as 4.69%!  (SEE ARTICLE) It may be time to refinance, or re-visit the idea of moving into a new home!  Be sure to contact me for all of your real estate needs, or for a referral to a trusted lender.  If you're already in the market, be sure to check out our earlier post listing open houses this weekend!   Also, if you're thinking about buying, you don't want to miss the post from earlier this week on the 4 Cs of lending - how lenders review your loan application and determine your creditworthiness.

Fannie Mae is cracking down on strategic defaulters...the message being:  If you need to get out of a mortgage, you need to be working with a REALTOR to do a short sale.  (SEE ARTICLE) Those choosing to walk away may have some surprises in store for them.  If you're in a situation where you think you need to consider a short sale or other alternatives, I might be able to help...

Our federal government, at the urging of the National Association of REALTORS has been toying with the idea of extending that home buyer tax credit.  Even though I think that NAR is a great organization and does a lot of important work on Capital Hill, this is one movement I just can't support.  In any case, as of Friday, it has't passed... we'll have to see how this plays itself out.  The movement does have momentum.  Stay tuned. is predicting a housing shortage by 2015 in the Washington DC region.  What do they think that means for pricing?  They think that means we'll be back to 2005 pricing... but most economists and local REALTORS don't agree with that blanket statement.  I don't.  But, check out their article anyway (CLICK HERE) published a really cool "migration" map...showing the migration patters of...AMERICANS!  Click on your county and see where people are coming from and going to! (SEE MAP)

Are you thinking of selling?  Here are a couple things you might want to check out:
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