Monday, December 7, 2009

Buying After A Short Sale

Have you fallen victim to the real estate market?  Many have.

You bought (or did a cash out refi) at the height of the market.  You watched your personal wealth plummet as the housing values in the neighborhood took a dive.  And, then, "life" happened - you lost your job, were transferred, got married, divorced or some other event occurred that required you to move.... but sell?  How?  You were upside down.  After considering all other alternatives, you chose between bad and worse and avoided a foreclosure by completing a short sale. Congratulations. 

Now what?  Many lenders require you to wait 2 - 3 years before are permitted to buy again.  It's almost like being "sentenced" as a punishment for your sins.  If only you could take advantage of this incredible buyers market..... well, you can.

I have a lender with a "short sale plus" program.  They recognize that most homeowners who complete a short sale were victims of the same circumstances we're all dealing with - and then "one more thing" happened and was the "final straw".  They couldn't wait out the market, they had to get out of the mortgage. 

Is this you?  If you have just 3.5% as a down payment, you, too, may be eligible to buy TODAY, even if it's been only a few months.  This is not a scam, it's a new program.  Rates are currently BELOW 5% for these loans on a 30 year fixed interest rate.  Interested?  Contact me directly.

Ofc: 703-669-3142
Cell: 703-728-5766

*  This is NOT for people who've had a foreclosure - short sales only.
*  People with foreclosures are not generally eligible for loans for 3 years after the foreclosure date.
*  Veterans can do a VA loan 2 years after a foreclosure.

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