Thursday, September 10, 2009

I Need Your Help. My Home Was Foreclosed On....I Have 5 Days...

It happened, again. 
This morning I got a message from a friend - our daughters go to school together.  The message said "I need your help.  My home was foreclosed on... and I have 5 days to find a new place to live..."
Oh, how I wish I'd known.  It seems they were working through a loan modificiation company thinking all would be well... and, all the while, the home was being sold on the courthouse steps.  WHY, WHY, didn't they call me?  Maybe I could have done something?  Maybe I could have given them a bit more control over the situation, at least.
So, I will work with them and do what I can to help place them elsewhere, but honestly I probably could have done better for them.  I would have liked to have tried.
Then, I think, "Why WOULD they call me?".  Let's be honest, they may have considered it embarrassing.  They didn't want to sell, so why would they call a REALTOR?  Well, here's why.  They know me.  They can trust me.  I have industry contacts.  I could have given them resources.  I could have at least saved them the money they paid to the loan modification company.
Please, please, friends... if you or someone you know is struggling with your house payments... PLEASE call me.  At least give me a chance to try to help you. 
Here are some posts I've done on similar things.... I am doing what I can to get the word out, especially to you... I am here to help, please let me try....
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