Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Unhealthy Home - Asbestos

Do you have asbestos in your home? Insulation and building materials made of asbestos were commonly used until the late 1980s, and continue to be used today for some products. (Click here to learn about what asbestos products were banned in 1989) Left undisturbed, these products pose no danger. In fact, asbestos is very, very good at what it does - insulate. So, if you have asbestos insulation that is safely contained behind a wall, you are encouraged to keep it in place. But, when asbestos fibers are disturbed, breathing them in can be deadly. It can cause mesothelioma (a deadly form of cancer with no cure), lung cancer or asbestosis. And, beware, Asbestos is not just found in insulation. It can be found in flooring, roofing materials, shingles, siding, gaskets, and even the little embers in the gas fireplace, especially in homes built with materials manufactured pre-1989. So, before remodeling, find out what asbestos materials are in your home; and then hire a qualified contractor who is familiar with abatement protocals to remove these products. Generally, I am a big supporter of calling uncle Joe to do the work for you and save you a few dollars, but if he is not familiar with the protocals involved in abating (removing) asbestos materials, please, save his life and your own, and call a qualified contractor who will follow the EPA guidelines for removal. If you need help finding a local contractor who is qualified in Asbestos abatement, please contact me. Read more about this important subject by clicking here.
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