Monday, November 10, 2008

What Buyers Should Know About Auctions

Real Estate Auctions are just one more tool, which can be good for both buyers and sellers in today's market. As they are being used with increasing frequency, I get more and more questions... buyers assume all the wrong stuff. Sadly, I also hear inaccuracies about auctions and intimidation with the auction process, even from real estate agents. So, as a Certified Auction Specialist, and an agent who works with both buyers and sellers, I will make an effort to educate the public on the process. As it is a large topic, I will attempt to share what I know through a series of posts...which are intended to educate buyers, sellers and the general public. Our first post is "Auctions, Part 1: Where is the Auction Held?" . By understanding where the auction is, you automatically know certain things about how the auction will be promoted and run. Stay tuned....
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